KSM Group


The main type of activities is design and research works.

The company successfully develops design specifications and estimates and performs the complex design of construction facilities that which includes the following types of works: development of design specifications and estimates and design-engineering documentation for the new construction, overhaul, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of industrial and administrative facilities and structures, water supply and drainage utilities, heat and gas supply utilities, power and electricity supply utilities.

The Design Institute performs works on measurements, examination and preparation of passports for the technical condition of the existing buildings and structures.

Among recent works, there are the following facilities:

  • • Residential and cultural-domestic development at Metrologichna street in the Golosiivskyi district, Kyiv (the Kryshtalevi Dzherela housing complex);
  • • The Ministerskyi housing and office complex with social facilities and amenities, commercial facilities and underground parking at 1 Kondratyuka street in the Obolonskyi district, Kyiv;
  • • Designing of water supply and water discharge utility networks for housing complexes in Kyiv—the Evrika housing complex at 6 Ak. Glushkova avenue, the Misto Kvitiv. Parkovyi Kvartal housing complex at 43 Teraspilska street, the L-KVARTAL housing complex at Vatslav Gavel boulevard, etc.
  • • Improvement of the process for removal of organic compounds and energy efficiency improvement at the Bortnitska Aeration Station, Kyiv, Ukraine (4 aerotanks Q = 400,000 m3 per day);
  • • Construction of dwelling houses with social, cultural facilities and amenities at Generala Vatugina avenue in the Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv;
  • • Reconstruction of the Metrologichna sewage pumping station in the Golosiivskyi district of Kyiv;
  • • Designing of external networks for housing-office and cultural-health complex with infrastructure facilities at 14 Dniprovska embankment street in the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv;
  • • Modernization of boost pump stations with the introduction of energy efficient high-performance pump units with frequency drives.

 One of the large-scale projects of the company is the designing of the Kryshtalevi Dzherela residential and cultural-domestic complex at Metrologichna street (Kyiv, the Golosiivskyi district, Feofaniya). The area of residential premises is 300 thous. m2. The total area of the territory is 32 hectares. The high level of qualification of the Design Institute employees allows executing projects at the modern technical level with the excellent quality and within a short time.