KSM Group


Construction of the Kryshtalevi Dzherela residential and cultural-domestic complex at Metrolosichna street (Kyiv, the Golosiivskyi district, Feofaniya)

The KSM-GROUP serves as the general contractor for the construc¬tion of the Kryshtalevi Dzherela housing complex, a new exclusive neighborhood built in Feofaniya. This is an European-level office and housing complex located in ecologically clean and greenest part of Kyiv.


  • • The Kryshtalevi Dzherela housing complex is located on the territory of 32 hectares. The project envisages the construction of 300 thous. m2 of housing and 25 thous. m2 of public space.
  • • As of the end of 2017, residential houses of phase 1 and phase 2 of the Kryshtalevi Dzherela housing complex, the Feofaniya-City business center, the Feofaniya- Cottage cottage district has been constructed and put into operation, residential houses of phase 3 and phase 4 are under construction.
  • • The company managed to fit several residential club quarters in several picturesque natural surroundings of Feofaniya by giving the preference to medium and low-rise buildings.
  • • The Kryshtalevi Dzherela housing complex is recognized as the winner of the Zhitlo2012 contest in the Best Low-Rise Housing Complex nomination; in 2014, it became the winner of the People's Recognition in the Field of Construction award (new developments) in the Best Low-Rise Development Area nomination; in 2016, it became the winner of the Person of the Year national program in the Housing Complex of 2015 nomination.
  • • The Feofaniya-City office center is 3-story office building arranged in modules with an area of 300 m2. Near each module, there are building surrounding grounds with access to the public area.
  • • Construction of cozy cottages in the Feofaniya-Cottage quarter. Each cottage with an area of about 315 m2 is located on a territory of 0,1 ha. The total area of cottages is 10,260 m2.
  • • Construction of dwelling houses (5 to 9 floors) with more than 3500 apartments with the different planning and area. Cultural facilities and amenities are foreseen on the ground floors of dwelling houses.
  • • During construction, different types of building processes are used: brick houses, frame-monolithic construction with external insulation. In the course of construction works, modern building materials are used.

Avenue 42 housing complex.

The new residential complex is located at the 42, Akademika Hlushkova avenue in the ecological Holosiivskyi District, Kyiv city. Comfort class.

The first stage of Avenue 42 is a modern 25 storey house, designed using the latest technologies and technical solutions with its own closed territory. The design of the first stage provides for the construction of a new residential building No. 1 with 25 floors in 3 sections. Monolithic-frame construction technology.

Exterior decoration of the house provides a system of "wet facade". The house has one- and two-bedroom apartments with panoramic views, as well as two-level apartments.

The monolithic-frame construction technology, panoramic windows, silent elevators from the European manufacturer, increased sound and thermal insulation, as well as ergonomic planning of apartments will ensure a high level of comfort.